Written by Madeline Sacks 2017©

With the dual strength of their 'out of this world' musicality, and their heart wrenching yet hopeful lyrics, MUNA is proving to the pop industry that they are a force to be reckoned with.

MUNA, made up of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson, has been active since 2013 and has since then accomplished a multitude of milestones that some artists spend a lifetime trying to reach. The band has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, toured as an opener for Harry Styles in North America and Europe, played festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella, and has acquired recognition through being featured on Spotify playlists with thousands of followers. With their album not even being out for an entire year yet, the group already has fans singing along to every word of the album at their concerts.  

I started listening to the 'dark pop' trio my freshman year of college in 2015. I'd blast their tracks on Soundcloud throughout my dorm (before they were on Spotify and Apple Music) and immediately, along with those around me, fell in love with their music. The band has an ethereal sound which I think can be attributed to their combination of synth and the atmospheric yet tight sounds of the electric guitar. 

MUNA's debut album has managed to make me dance, cry, and philosophize within only 48 minutes (the total time of the album). My favorite track to dance to or jam out on the 405 on the album is "I Know A Place". This song has become the band's mission statement over the past year as their fans have voiced the impact it has had on them. While being an upbeat dance track, the lyrics of the song deal the heavy topic of being in a society that oppresses you while reminding those who deal with this, that they are not alone. The band is known to be strong advocates for the LGBTQ community, women, and minorities which is evident through their music. 

Be sure to have a tissue box nearby when listening to "If U Love Me Now". The melody, alone, is hauntingly beautiful and the addition of the sincere and profound lyrics really hits home. The song revolves around the issue of dealing with inner demons which, in my opinion, everyone has fought at some point in their lives.

I finally got to see the band live on 10/17/17 at the Fonda Theatre and I could not be more impressed. The trio radiates energy in their live performances and you can tell they love what they do up there. If you ever get to chance to see the group live, DO IT! Their concerts are more than just shows; they're a cathartic and energizing experience. They create a safe space for their fans and an unforgettable night. 

MUNA's debut album About U is available now and I can honestly say I'm obsessed with each track... so what are you waiting for? Go blast their album on your 'Loudspeaker'!  

"We wanted this video to be a depiction of the fact that acknowledging the humanity of your enemy can be the most powerful battle tactic of all. Lay down your weapon."- MUNA

Written by Madeline Sacks 11/11/17.